On December 26, 2014, my husband and I went to the hospital for an impromptu check-up of our 32 week old baby boy.  During monitoring, they lost our son’s heartbeat, and though we had an emergency c-section to try to save him, God had other plans.  We named our son Jude David, and this site is dedicated to his little life lived through his profound impact on me.

Hey Jude, Mommy will always love and miss you, Sweetheart.


When I started this site, one of my goals was to make it a vehicle for other mother to share letters to their babies who were selected for a higher purpose or to write about their experiences as I, Jude’s mommy, does both on this site.  As a writer, I believe writing is therapeutic; it transcends us in its own way, and it helps us understand things that without our ability to write, we would not comprehend.  I also understand that not every mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, friend, etc. who has lost a baby wants to take on an entire website to exploring their grief; however, they still have story that needs to be part of a greater dialogue.

My hopes through this aspect of Jude’s site are that (1) people will experience healing, (2) people will be able to connect with one another who have shared experiences, and (3) people who have never had this experience (I pray they never do) will be able to understand the depth of despair and the myriad of emotions their friends and loves ones experience.

I genuinely believe in the case of unborn babies, people dismiss the loss, and that’s truly not okay.  Parents are parents whether they are an hour into conception or 100 years, and the loss hurts significantly and differently for each person.  My hope, through this dialogue, is to rectify that.


So, if you have a story that you want to share, please feel free to fill out the contact information and submit your story via e-mail.  It will appear on the site.  You can publish your story anonymously if you so choose.  Stories submitted without titles will be provided one based on the content. 

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